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Project Information
The Project
The project has been created specifically for young people as a way to involve them in how young people in Suffolk access information about activities, events and guidance across the county. We have heard young people mention countless times that there isn't anything to do in their local area. We know that there is a vast array of activities but they are not promoted or accessed as well as they could be.
The volunteering project is centred on a website called Young Infolink. Young Infolink is a platform database showcasing various activities and events available to children, young people and families throughout Suffolk. As a project, we would like to give all children, young people and families in the county the ability to access 'one stop' information source that will allow them the freedom and choice to take part in positive activities which will help to improve family life, beating isolation and boredom while helping to improve health and wellbeing. This can only be achieved if the information is easy to find and access in the first place.

Get Involved
The information listed on Young Infolink is not complete by any stretch of the imagination so this is where the project and our volunteers come in. There are a number of ways young people can get involved as we are always looking for new volunteers to join our team and give a different perspective on the community. We have a number of volunteer roles available to all young people in Suffolk between the ages of 13 and 24 (full training will be given).

  1. Out in the Community Researcher - This role requires the volunteer to go and about within your local community, accessing various venues such as sport centres, community halls etc and noting down information on activities found. This role does not have to be exclusively where they live and they can go further afield if they want.
  2. Web based researcher - We are aware that a number of activities will be listed on other websites and forums. This role requires volunteers to use these sites while accessing larger areas to collect new information for the Young Infolink website.
  3. Website Publisher - This role is designed specifically to gain some experience using different IT systems and publishing information that members of the public will see. They will be required to post all the information collected from the researchers on to the Young Infolink website.

  4. Social Media Coordinator - We would like to get the message out to as many young people in Suffolk about the benefits of getting involved with the project and using the Young Infolink website. We feel a great way to do this would be through social media platforms such as facebook and twitter. Volunteers can help us achieve this by taking control of our pages and using their knowledge on how these sites are best used to spread the word.
Commitment to the project is totally dependent on the young person. They can choose to volunteer as much or as little as they want. We would prefer volunteers to get involved at least for two hours a week and for a minimum of 4 months but are also happy to involve short term volunteers taking part in D of E or other groups. We also provide any 'out of pocket' costs they may have i.e. bus tickets, car journeys etc.
The project also has extensive experience working with young who fall in vulnerable groups such as NEET, SEN and LAC and we are very keen to recruit volunteers from these groups.

Training and Qualifications
All our volunteers are given training on how to use the website, how to publish information and researching techniques. They can also attend refresher sessions at any point throughout their time on the project.
We also offer all volunteers the opportunity to gain a nationally recognised qualification for the experience and skills they have gained/will gain through their time on the project. The qualification is through Gateway is designed to provide them with skills that can be used to find work or enter further education.

  • Level 1 Award in Volunteering
  • Level 2 Award in Skills for Volunteers

    Sign Up
    If you know of any groups or individuals who would benefit from involvement on the project, please do not hesitate to get in touch. Siobhan can be contacted for an informal chat via:
    Mobile: 07875 947883