Thursday, 15 October 2015

Security Warning for Twitter and All Social Media

If you have recently had a follow request on Twitter, please be vigilant before you follow it back. It has come to our attention that there has been a fake RAF Families Federation account set up on Twitter. Please keep safe by ensuring you are linked up to our real accounts and here's how you can check...

Although the recent fake account it is calling itself Families Federation and using the RAF Families Federation logo it is not connected to us. Our REAL account is @RAF_FF and has over 6500 Followers and we Tweet regularly.

We have taken action to report this account but in the meantime, please use this as a general opportunity to ensure your social media accounts, on all Social Media platforms are safe and ensure your security settings are closed down to friends only.

Links to Help and advice:
For Serving military personnel
Families and general safety advice

Please be reassured that our own registered groups and pages are tightly watched by our communications team here at the FF and the official accounts are watched and maintained daily. So, if you are in a FF group, please know that each account closed and with tight privacy controls.

Information extracted from RAFFF News