Friday, 27 November 2015

AFF - Reviewing your rebasing experience - Have your say - take part in the survey

Rebasing survey
With rebasing in progress, AFF has produced a rebasing survey in collaboration with the Army Basing Team (ABT) and we want families affected by rebasing to get involved.
Share your experience with AFF
We want to know how things are going; questions will cover everything from education to spouse employment to finances. If you've come through rebasing, share your experience - especially how successful your arrival back in the UK was.
Armed with your feedback, the ABT can successfully plan future moves, including phase two of the rebasing programme, using best practice as well as considering lessons learned.
Take the survey to make a difference
Take our survey and ensure your issues and concerns are heard.
If you know others who have also come through rebasing, encourage them to take part too.
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