Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Daddy/Mummy Dolls Available to Buy in Maggie's Gift Shop Hadleigh Limited Number Available

DC1-2 Huggee Miss you. 
Digi Camouflage – Non Recordable
March away deployment blues with this HUGGEE MISS YOU DOLL. Not just for the children, Daddy and Mommy need a hug too! 100% cotton is stain resistant and spot cleanable, no worries!
100% cotton print. You can enjoy your loved one while they cannot be there with you.
Recommended for ALL ages and genders. Also great for those not in the military but those that love camouflage.
Slide any picture-2″x3″- in the clear plastic pocket that is over HUGGEE MISS YOU’S cute embroidered face.
Recommended for ages 3 & up and all genders.
£19.99 each .
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