Thursday, 7 July 2016

JSHAO Housing Matters Summer 2016

4 Do You Know Your Housing Options? 
5 Civilian Housing Briefings 2016
 6 Buying Your Home, Hints and Tips
 9 Conveyancer or Solicitor? 
12 Stamp Duty Land Tax: Higher Rates for Additional Properties
 15 Your Mortgage Hub 16 Hot tips for Summer 2016
 17 Keeping your home safe while you’re away
 18 Renting 
20 Low-Cost Initiative for First Time buyers (LIFT)
 22 Social Housing 23 MoD Referral Scheme 
24 Social Housing in Yorkshire and Humberside
 26 Social Housing in the North West of England 
28 Social Housing in the North East of England 
29 Regional Prices 30 Handhelds at the ready!